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Volume: 50 Back to issue. Spotting Scope - Dave Scovill. Mostly Long Guns - Brian Pearce. This was a most difficult move and resulted in practically all valuable employees staying behind. Over the next couple years, lever-action rifles were assembled from existing parts inventory by new employees, resulting in substandard overall quality and function.

New CNC tooling was purchased and blueprints were reestablished and programmed to correspond with the new equipment. The first CNC-produced. Additional cartridges have been added to production, including. This particular Marlin rifle has been in high demand, as I have witnessed guns produced from the first year of. The Model CS. At this point, the stainless steel version is scheduled for early production, while the Cowboy Carbine with inch octagonal barrel is scheduled for production by April 1, And later ina threaded barrel carbine will be optional.

Before discussing the new levergun in detail, consider the use of the. As I have mentioned in previous articles, this little cartridge is far more potent than its paper ballistics indicate. I first began using. When children came along, my young sons put Marlin. With properly placed bullets, we have never had to shoot a deer twice.

They also offer comparatively mild recoil, and the lightweight carbines are especially quick handling, making them suitable for home protection. Over the years I have written occasionally about the virtues of the. I even have letters from hunters and professional hunters who have used them in Africa with exceptional results on a variety of game, including large antelope.

Heavy, nonexpanding, deeply penetrating bullets were used with shooting distances kept within reasonable limits. To be clear, I am not promoting this cartridge as suitable for larger species of big game; however, with the correct bullets and proper shot placement, it is a truly potent small cartridge.

Other benefits include long barrel life, lower ammunition costs when compared to. Handloaders will appreciate the low powder charge weights, overall efficiency and the option to use either cast or jacketed bullets with great success. When pushed to 1, to 2, fps, their expansion is nearly violent, which results in impressive wound channels, especially in soft tissue. Consider the Hornady grain XTP at a muzzle velocity of 2, fps. At yards this bullet is still traveling fps, which is way beyond any practical distance the.

Very unlucky coyotes have been shot with this bullet at distances out to yards and beyond, which is essentially twice its normal effective range.

By comparison, many traditional lever-action cartridges containing cup-and-core bullets with lead flatpoints, such as the. When fired from the ever-popular carbines with inch barrels, they typically fall at least fps short of their advertised figures that are usually recorded from inch barrels.

As a result, reliable expansion often becomes problematic within relatively short distances. Yet another benefit is the option to use very low recoiling, low velocity typically between and 1, fps. A knowledgeable handloader can improve upon the accuracy of these loads using cast bullets to obtain ragged-hole groups at 40 yards from a good rifle.

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Discounting the cost of cases, if time is taken to cast your own bullets, these loads can be assembled for a cost similar to. In comparing my sample gun with several previous models dating back toand as late asthere are a few notable external changes. It should be noted that early. The barrel diameter at the muzzle has been reduced slightly from around.The Marlin Model CS chambered for.

It has an It is a compact little hunting rifle, weighing 6 pounds with a lot more punch than most people give it credit for. With the right loads, this rifle is quite capable of taking deer out to yards. Some do not like the safety but others do.

There are very few rifles chambered in. That being said, I have been on the prowl for a. I did manage to find a used one and had it shipped from New Hampshire to Georgia to my local gun shop, only to discover that UPS managed to rip open the box and loose the bolt. My next move was to look at the lever action guns by Marlin, Rossi and Henry. Finally found the Marlin in the photo above and I am very happy with the gun so far.

It is lightweight, has good balance, and shoots very well with most ammo. I know some people say a scope on a lever action carbine looks pretty lame but my eyes are not the best any more so I thought I would put a low power scope on it to see what kind of accuracy I could get with. For testing I added an old 3X weaver. I like the looks of the old scope on this rifle and it made 50 yard testing easy my range is closed at this time. It is a challenge to find the right scope mount for the rifle.

Weaver makes a couple of long mounts that conflict with the iron sites. I ordered the one that works with Leupold dovetail rings but I would have had to take the rear site off the gun to use it.

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Did not want to do that so I finally found a two-piece Weaver mount that uses Weaver type rings made for a Marlin that worked. A one-piece mount for a Marlin will not match the screw holes in the frame. After getting the scope on the. Along with the hand loads, I had three factory. All of the loads shot well in the rifle but velocities varied depending on the powder used in the hand loads or the brand of factory ammo. Never fear, I have a loading press and when you have a rifle that shoots pistol ammo, hand loading makes this combo shine.

My goal was to get fps using a grain bullet, so I backed off a full grain of powder to I do not really want to shoot loads in the rifle that are not safe in a revolver. After all, I will be using the same.

For accuracy, Winchester really did great, producing fps velocity with grain bullets. This is probably the most accurate load I have found so far. There is one drawback to the rifle. And the difference is not just elevation. As power goes up, point of impact moves up and to the right.

So unless you have a scope or rear peep sight with target type adjustment knobs, you are stuck with shooting one caliber or the other. Since I want to hunt with my rifle more than use it for target shooting, I zeroed it for hand loaded.

Below is a table with some of the tested loads. Remember — Never try to load.

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Be safe. Loads below may not be safe in your gun. Start lower and work up to max loads for your particular gun. The results below were better than I expected.I can't wait to return to Iceland when the landscape is green, to see it as a completely different country (and vacation). Nordic Visitor handled our enquiries very promptly and brilliantly.

We were very impressed by the services and every other little things that truly showed a high demand of care and consideration. We will definitely return to Iceland with Nordic Visitor. My Travel Consultant Ms. Cecilia Markov was extremely helpful and professional in all aspects of dealing with the customer. Her invaluable assistance allowed me to choose, modify, and combine the existing tours to fulfill all my needs.

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The guides were are very warm and friendly and really wanted their guests to feel comfortable and have a great time. I'm so looking forward to visiting Iceland again and will definitely book my trip through Nordic Visitor. We have just returned from Iceland where we enjoyed a self drive tour arranged by Nordic visitor.

marlin css 357

Our advisor listened to our requirements which included the better hotels and included the golden circle tour. We especially enjoyed our trip to the glacial lagoon at Jokulsarlon.

A pretty long drive from Vik where we stayed the night before and on fairly tricky roads as there had been a good snowfall but worth the trip. The hotels were of a good standard generally especially Hotel Borg in Reykjavik a delightful Art Deco hotel.

Iceland is expensive but we thought the tour good value for money with good information packs and also a mobile phone provided for our use while in Iceland. Reassuring with the snow. We appreciated the maps and materials provided by our travel agent. The maps of the area made our drive so easy and uncomplicated. Her outlining of the itinerary both on the map and the spiral book made our trip uncomplicated and relaxing.

Marlin's New 1894CS .357 Magnum

All materials provided in our travel bag were used daily, and the big Iceland Road Guide was a great addition. We read that every evening. Nice addition to our travel package. The continental breakfasts were fresh and we were able to sample many of the traditional Icelandic foods such as Skyr, lamb and Lax. We enjoyed our evening meals tremendously. We felt at home and look forward to returning soon. Our four-day trip was a non-stop adventure.

Nordic Visitor, whom I would highly recommend, put together a bespoke itinerary for us based on our requests. Our consultant, Gudrun, was enormously helpful, especially when we requested an itinerary change with only about 24 hours notice, which she dealt with very efficiently and professionally.

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Our pick up was there on time, again to go along the private portion of our trip. The taxi driver (Velur) went on to be our first Icelandic ambassador as well.

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We spent 5 weeks in Scandinavia and this last week finished it off beautifully in a calm and relaxing pace in wonderful places.

marlin css 357

Customer service was exceptional right from the beginning. All travel details were clearly detailed in materials sent before trip, as well as, received upon arrival. All drivers, hotel employees, and tour guides (kayak tour) were very friendly and helpful. It was a wonderful experience and we would love to book a longer trip around Iceland someday with Nordic Visitor.

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marlin css 357

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Marlin 1894CS in .357 Magnum Caliber Review

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marlin css 357

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